Santorini’s Magical Sunset: The Perfect Itinerary for the best Santorini Sunset

Santorini is the ultimate romantic destination. With one of the most famous sunsets around the world, each year, hundreds of thousands of travelers come from across the globe to visit the island of Santorini and admire the famous sunset from different locations, settings, and activities.

Book a Private Tour of Santorini and ask your personal driver/tour guide to drive you to the famous Oia village to see and capture the breathtaking sunset in pink, orange, and purple hues. If you are looking for an alternative sunset view, with the private island tour you can customize your itinerary and ask your private tour guide to take you to the places of your choice. Ask him to drive you to the capital of Santorini, Fira, which offers epic sunsets, and drink a cocktail while you watch the cruise ships anchored in the tranquil waters of Caldera.


santorini sunset cruise with a catamaran


If you are a sea lover, for catching the best Santorini sunset, a catamaran cruise will absolutely thrill you. Follow the golden route with the catamaran boat, ending in Oia town, and enjoy sightseeing and the beautiful vistas of the volcanic cliffs. A totally immersive experience where you will become part of the sunset hues reflected on the waters of famous beaches. Dive in the Aegean Sea and enjoy snorkeling during dusk or remain on board and treat yourself with fresh wine and your eyes to dazzling sunset colors.



Private Wine Tour Review Photo



Another magical sunset is the panoramic view of a Santorini winery. Trying a wine tasting is a must in Santorini. Both the wine enthusiasts and the travelers, who first introduce themselves to wine, will discover the local viticulture history and artistry of Santorini. Savor distinct indigenous wine varieties and pair your wine with local delicacies and cheese. With a special wine in hand and the sunset by your side, you will feel relaxed and at ease. As Greeks say “wine gladdens the heart of the man”. Pour some delicious wine into your glass and fill your heart with the exquisite sunset of Santorini.



private Santorini wine tour, led by a wine-expert guide - sommelier.