Plan a Santorini Sunset Cruise for Breathtaking Views without the Crowds

Santorini is known for its spectacular sunsets. When evening comes, many people catch the views from Oia, the famous village with picturesque houses stacked dramatically on the cliffs. But to escape the crowds, book a cruise with us and enjoy the evening with a glass of local wine or Greek beer in hand.

catamaran cruise is worthwhile at any time of day – you’re able to lie back, cash in on some well-earned relaxation, and watch the world go by, taking breaks to enjoy a swim or snorkel around the boat.

By booking a private Santorini cruise, you have your deluxe catamaran yacht to see the sights from and can choose the stop-offs, maybe calling at Santorini’s red, black, and white beaches for a spot of on-land sunbathing and exploration. If you want a more social experience, book a small group catamaran tour and enjoy the views and a great itinerary with new friends while maintaining space to relax.

Santorini sunset cruises depart at 2:30 pm, allowing for a half-day trip that’s incredible even without the sunset added on top.

On your catamaran, grab a snorkel and fins and head out to explore the Aegean Sea, perhaps seeing some fish or an underwater cove as you kick through the transparent waters. As you pass the Nea Kameni volcano, why not dip into the relaxing hot springs to experience Santorini’s natural wonders up close? With your on-board crew at hand, you’ll have plenty of options for photos of your time spent cruising around Santorini.

If you’re not a strong swimmer or prefer to stay on board instead of swimming, that’s no problem – the dreamy scenery is more than enough to keep you entertained.

Another advantage of a Santorini sunset cruise? Sampling some local delicacies! Enjoy a glass of Santorini wine from the unique volcanic vineyards on the island, or choose a Greek beer or soda. (Be sure to check out our Santorini wine tours).

As the sun starts to sink in the sky, you can tuck into a full Greek meal served on board. With fresh light fried fish fillets, grilled chicken fillets, grilled shrimp, Greek salads, fresh bread, and appetizers you’ll want to ask for the recipe for these authentic dishes.

From a catamaran, you can enjoy every stage of the Santorini sunset while avoiding the crowds that tend to go to Oia and other popular spots. Watch the sun gradually move closer to the Aegean Sea and colors start to spread across the sky, illuminating the caldera. If there are cloud formations, the views can be even more unique and memorable.

The best part of sunsets in Santorini? It’s often when the sun has already set and the residual glow paints the white canvas of Santorini with warm hues of pink, orange, yellow and red.

Bring your camera, or take in the views with your own two eyes for an HD memory of your Santorini sunset.

For a longer route, you can also opt for views of the sunset from the catamaran, under the cliffs of Oia from the picturesque old port of Ammoudi Bay. If you’re interested in the story of the croissant-shaped isle, hear about Santorini and its landmarks from your crew. They will be happy to point out the little-known facts about Santorini’s ancient past and its one-of-a-kind geology.

A catamaran cruise is something you will always remember during your trip to Santorini. But one thing that will make it even more unforgettable? Planning your cruise for sunset. View and book a cruise with us today.

For another recommendation of where to see the sunset in Santorini, how about a half-day sunset wine tasting, capping off the day with a tasting at Venetsanos or Santo Winery on the Caldera cliffs? We hope you have several exceptional sunsets during your time in Santorini!